Window System

This is the main page for the NetBeans window system implementation, part of the core module group. The window system implements the NetBeans Window System API. The implementation takes care of the main window, workspaces, all multi-tabbed and split frames, toolbars and MDI/SDI support. The implementation includes code in the package and its subpackages.

Window System Rewrite

A rewrite of the window system implementation is in progress.

Older documents

May be obsolete.

  • Planned features list, currently targeted to future 3.3 release and little bit beyond.

  • XML workspace layout - see Window System API.

  • Migration guide, providing help for module writers when migrating their modules to use new features which window system offers.

  • Specification from user's point of view describing proposed drag'n'drop usage in window system for frame and component operations.

  • How to implement drag'n'drop in window system.

  • Future API set document summarizes possible enhancements and fixes of current winsys API set.


Current maintainers:

  • Marek Slama
  • Peter Zavadsky


  • Dafe Simonek - was a maintainer
  • Tim Boudreau - worked on parts of GUI for 2003 rewrite
  • Evan Slatis - helped with design & implementation of MDI support
  • Ted Stockwell - submitted clever patch for Swing's internal frames

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core was started in November 2009, is owned by Antonin Nebuzelsky, and has 131 members.
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