Toolbar Customizer UI Specification

Author: Stanislav Aubrecht

Version: 1.1
Date: July 28 2005

Use Cases and Scenarios


The current implementation of toolbar customization is not sufficient and is going to be removed from the global Tools/Options window. The new Toolbar Customizer must support at least the following operations:

  • Add a new action to toolbar
  • Remove an existing action from toolbar
  • Change order of buttons in a toolbar
  • Add/remove separator from toolbar

There are other toolbar-related actions like use bigger/smaller icons in toolbars, show/hide a toolbar, change the order of toolbars. However these actions are already available either from toolbar popup menu or by dragging and dropping the toolbars.

Open Toolbar Customizer

The Toolbar customizer can be started either from toolbar popup menu by right-clicking an empty area of the toolbar or from the main View / Toolbars menu:

|x Build
|x Debug
|x Edit
|x File
|x Memory
|  Versioning
|  Small Toolbar Icons
|  Customize...

Selecting the last item shows the Customizer window:

The Customizer windows presents all available actions as a palette of item that the user can navigate with a mouse or with a keyboard.

The Toolbar Customizer is based on the new Common Component Palette, its UI specifiation is here.

Add a new action to toolbar

User can drag and drop any action from the Customizer window directly to any of the visible toolbars. The toolbars give visual feedback which position the action will be dropped to.

User can also add new actions via keyboard. First he must navigate to action he wants to add and then invoke Customizer's popup menu:

|Hide Item Names
|Show Small Icons
|Add to toolbar > |------------
|-----------------| Build
                  | Debug
                  | Edit
                  | File
                  | Memory
                  | Versioning

The Add to toolbar submenu shows visible and hidden toolbars as well. Choosing an item from this submenu adds the action to the end of the toolbar.

Actions added to toolbar (either by drag and drop or by keyboard) stay visible in the Customizer window.

Remove action from toolbar

To remove an existing action from toolbar user must drag its button from the toolbar and drop it anywhere in the Customizer window.

Reorder buttons in toolbar

User can reorder buttons in any visible toolbar by drag and drop (this is current implementation already). Toolbar Customizer does not have to be opened for this operation.


  • It is not possible to reorder toolbar buttons via keyboard.
  • The Toolbar Customizer window does not offer separators to be dropped to toolbar because its content is taken from Actions folder in layers.
  • It is not possible to remove a button from toolbar via keyboard.
  • The removal of buttons from toolbar may not be very intuitive (despite the bold font label in Customizer window).
  • Perhaps having two palettes in the Toolbar Customizer window would be better implementation. One palette would contain all available actions as in this proposal and the other palette would display the toolbars as categories and their buttons as items. User could then drag and drop buttons and actions between these two palettes.

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