User Interface Specification for Exception Notification on the Main Status Bar

  • The status bar notification replaces the current exception notification dialog window. Instead of showing a dialog window with the exception message, a small icon starts flashing at the rightmost part of the main status bar. The icon is attached.

  • The icon will be flashing for 5 seconds, then it will stay visible for another 30 seconds. Positioning the mouse pointer over the icon changes the default mouse cursor to 'hand' and stops the flashing. Icon's tooltip provides the exception message or the exception class name when no message is available. Single-clicking the icon brings up the exception dialog and the icon disappers. The exception dialog shows all exceptions encountered since the icon started flashing. When the exception dialog is closed via the Ok button, the exception list is cleared.

  • The exception dialog window 'remembers' (per IDE session) the status of the 'Show Details' flag. So when the dialog is displayed again, the last user's settings are reused.

  • When another exception is encountered while the icon is already flashing or visible, the flashing timer and the hide icon timer will restart.

  • When another exception is encountered while the exception dialog is visible, the exception message is displayed in the current dialog and the icon does not appear.

  • There's no tooltip nor any indication on status bar when the icon is not visible. Only a part of status bar area is reserved for the icon.

  • It is possible to switch the status bar notification off, e.g. for beta releases, by enabling assertions in JVM (-ea).

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