NetBeans Platform Development

This website tracks the development of the NetBeans Platform. If you're a module developer, not a platform developer, you probably want to look at NetBeans API website.

Works in progress

Threading Model

What it does now, what is wrong, what is right, what might be fixed, what the possibilities are, ... A document in progress, only for the curious at this stage. Analysis & Proposal

DataSystem Redesign

Looks API

About Looks : general information on why Looks API exists what it provides and how it is related to the Nodes API.
Looks HowTo : document describing usual usecases for the looks API including short examples of code.

Master File System

Platform submodule located at openide/masterfs

Window System Rewrite

See the main window system page.

PropertySheet Rewrite

Improvement of Wizard API

Compatible Development

There is a lot of different products build around NetBeans. Most of them with completely independent schedule and different needs. For some of them getting patches and functionality updates is desirable, for most of them compatibility is a requirement. We have to find how to develop and deploy different parts of NetBeans system in a way that will be compatible and will leverage the most from future updates.

The suggested solution is based on clustering the functionality of each product to smaller parts developed at once (platform, java support, xml support, web support, etc.) and composing the resulting product from few such clusters. The whole description is part of the necessary architecture changes requested during architecture reviews during release 3.5.

Modularize NetBeans Platform

Done for NetBeans 5.0. There is no openide anymore. See umbrella issue 19443 or the modularize document.

Seamless Integration with Native OS

Another issue initiated by architecture reviews during release 3.5 is to naturaly fit into the hosting operating system NetBeans and any product build on top of NetBeans runs in.

This means to distribute platform and other clusters in RPMs and Solaris packages (issue 32081) and better organize the file layout and directory structure of the installation (issue 32080). The solution is described in the installation proposal).

It is also necessary to follow the format of command line arguments and make it POSIX compatible (issue 32053). This will result in a change of arguments like -branding into --branding. Related to this change is also a request to warn user when a second instance of the application is started using the same user dir (issue 32054). Solution to both of these problems is described in the CLI proposal.

Global Progress Feedback

  • tracked under an umbrella issue 27403
  • Revised UI specification should come soon, in June

Infrastructure to support the new Options dialog

This work provides the infrastructure in the platform to support the implementation of the new Options dialog as defined in the UI spec

Details about the implementation should be added soon

Module clusters

Coming soon

UI Specifications

Status Bar Exception Notification

Tips and Tools

Coming soon


Obsolete (?)

Project Features

About this Project

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